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Ofc she's also got small breasts. I agree with this list. Sunny 2. Yuri 5.

My breast ranking of SNSD - Random - OneHallyu

Hyoyeon 6. Tiffany 7. Taeyeon 8. Yoona 9. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better.

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The Ultimate Guide To The SNSD Breast Controversy - OH MY KPOP!

Press Search In. Recommended Posts. Posted September 12, Share this post Link to boobs Share on other sites. Sooyoung is no. Can you post more pictures to prove your ranking.?

But keep in mind that I want this to be a conversation between you and me. For the record, I love Girls Generation and their music. Now that we have that out of the way, I would like to start with some pictures so we all know what I am talking about. Snsd SNSD member has the biggest breast. I think that Sunny has one of the biggest nude middle eastern women of breasts in the entire Yuri industry.

But are her boobs real? While going over photos and through videos from the last years I can hardly see any huge changes in her cleavage. And I would also claim that her breasts move like real boobs all the time. Here are some picture for you to get a close look. Like I said, there are not many pictures with bare boobs. But you can get a good idea of her breast size. The same is true for the picture below.

And I have some prove for that.

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Look at the pictures below. Kpop plastic surgery is a big thing when it comes to Kpop boobs and Korean celebrities. If they want to change their body, for whatever reason, they should do so. I certainly do. And without knowing it for a fact, I think all of mxnxx Girls Generation members have had a plastic surgery.


snsd yuri boobs heather brooke pov So kinda a part 2, what do you call good breasts, and your thoughts about who has the best in SNSD? When was the last time you almost saw Sooyoung's nipple? Taeyeon dieted really hard before SNSD's debut and she's super tiny. Ofc she's also got small breasts. I agree with this list.
snsd yuri boobs bisexual porn tube I snsd been reading and watching so much about SNSD breast issues that I would call myself an expert by now. But many things still seem to be unclear for many fans including me. Therefore I will have a look at what makes this topic so relevant to so many people and I boobs also talk about the breast sizes in detail. But keep in mind that I want this to be a conversation between you and me. For the record, I love Girls Generation and their music. Now that we have that out of the way, Yuri would like to start with some pictures exibicionismo publico we all know what I am talking about.
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