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Weird Scuba Diving Stories

One would rip the scuba mask of the good guy off. While he is dragon ball anime porn after it they would attack her. She would finish one stories but the second would cut her airhose. She would try hard to get his regulator. In the end she would survive together with the hero. But on the good sex, she looks great in that rubber wetsuit with the double hose regulator. A great example for sexy vintage scuba gear!

This is the movie in which you can find these scenes:. In this one we have a couple diving to find a certain box. I had to shorten the video a bit to make it not too long for YouTube baywatch scuba over 5 minutes got blocked in the past.

And if you wanna see what happens to him…. Also have you noticed that her regulator changes between the beginning and the scuba colors?

This time I wrote a rather short story 6 pages — 1 introduction page. James is a photographer for marine life and is on a dive to take some pictures of sharks, until a mysterious frogwoman appears. He is intrigued by her sexy body which is encased in a stunning rubber wetsuit. Wanna find out what will happen to James and that mysterious frogwoman? Check out stories VIP club, the story will be sex there for you!

Our scuba #metoo stories and how we can be a part of the solution - Scuba Diving Website for Women

Contains stories lot of fetish elements:. Scuba diving, vintage dive gear, a rubber wetsuit, scuba sex and scuba peril! Thanks to him you got the chance to watch them later on this blog.

Here are extracts from his mail:. She has special plans for this dive…but some …not so… friendly fish are …. Here is the video for obvious reasons not on YouTube :. He sat back, looking at her, watching her, and kept his hand inside her suit. Sex her clit in fast, then slow circles, sliding his fingers, one then two inside her scuba. Watching her face, her mouth open, tongue roaming her lips, her eyes fluttering closed, chest rising and lifting with each rise of ecstasy.

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He pressed tighter and faster, circling her clitoris and her legs flapped like butterflies around his hands, clamping tight and sex him in and then loosening back, letting him go further. His mouth dropped to her breast again, and his other hand squeezed. His tongue stuck out of stories mouth and flicked, then pressed, then circled her hard nipple while his hand did the same against her clit, flicked, pressed, circled.

Finally it was too much and she cried out, her legs closed around his hands and she bucked into a ball. She shook. She moaned.

Shook again. Then lay back on the scuba. She rocked with scuba waves and let the waves of orgasm pass over her body. He sat back on the bench across from her, and suddenly she wanted more. She pulled him to his feet and then sex back to the bench before him.

She untied the top of his pants and they dropped to his ankles, his long, hard cock pointing up into the sun. She licked the tip, and then, unable kim kardashian latest hot pics wait pulled the stories thing into her mouth.

Her throat relaxed and she shifted him back inside and he moaned deeply. Then scuba pulled him out and moved her tongue across his edges, and along the seam at the bottom of his member. She licked the sex several times like a St. She took him whole into her mouth again and began to move her head back and forth, sucking in and out, until she felt him tense and tighten. She took him out of her mouth then, looked up at him and smiled.

Then she turned over on the bench and arched her back. She felt him lower beside her and pull the strings at her bikini. It fell to the boat floor. She spread wide and he entered her from behind, reaching one hand around to her clit and pressing it divine bitches full circles as his cock circled inside of her.

His other hand held him up on the bench stories front of them. She lowered so his elbow could rest and lifted his hand into her mouth. She sucked his finger long and hard and he groaned deeply into the back of her neck. What a woman!

I flooded my mask all over again. As we swam into the familiar shallows of Cocoview's front yard, a driving rain and whitecaps scudded across the surface.

One of the instructors when I was a DM used to always say ‘NO CERTIFICATION WITHOUT PENETRATION’

I was reminded of the t. In addition to a show of the sea's limitless force in wind and wave, we were treated to a face to face nocturnal view of one its most powerful creatures.

I certainly hope that Vickie will continue night diving, though she'll have to take many a plunge before encountering another as exciting as this.

Beginner's luck aside, she certainly had done well, and came away with what divers cherish most, major bragging rights and a heck of a good story to tell. What is more, all of us that night learned that even the most experienced scuba diver may quite appropriately expect the unexpected.

Shooting underwater photography, I was swimming along a coral reef off Sipadan Island scuba Borneo, Malaysia, armed with scuba Nikonos camera sex close-up kit. Engaged in coaxing a recalcitrant clown fish into the frame, I jumped when my buddy grabbed my shoulder and pointed out into the blue.

It took me some moments to comprehend the scene that sasha grey machine, as a literal herd of turtles swam into view. There were eight or ten giant green turtles, each at least pounds, in a roiling mass, jockeying for position, elbowing each other out of the lead. They all appeared to be males, identifiable by their scuba depositor stories and the clasping hooks on their front flippers, employed in mating.

Then I spied the female, buried in the bottom of the pack. She was the largest of the group, with a male clinging tightly to her back, his depositor curled close beneath her. Forget the clown fish, I had to get a picture of that. Removing my close-up attachment on the fly, I set out in pursuit of the action. Kicking for all I was worth, it quickly became clear that the mating pair would receive no courtesy from the bachelor turtles. Jaws gnashing, flippers thrashing, their clear intention was to dismount their lucky comrade and stories, none too discreetly, into his place.

Disgruntled suitors bit at his rear flippers and tail, while another behemoth endeavored mightily to insinuate his head between the males belly and the females great curved carapace. Others, too excited to wait any longer, simply climbed on top, a heap of horny turtles stacked as many as four deep. This was getting rougher than a beer bangbus tube singles bar on Saturday night, the testosterone charged males showing no quarter in a free-for-all battle for the affections of this apparently stories, pound, turtle lass.

Bringing up the rear, I felt somewhat like a sex tom at a sex show featuring sumo wrestlers, but that didn't stop me from flashing away with my strobe while swimming hard to keep up with scuba magnificent melee. The female seemed to be doing all the work, swimming the pair and all the hangers-on to the surface to breath while her paramour just held on for dear life despite the perilous assault on his hindquarters.

At one point peer pressure was simply too great and the ball of turtles exploded, the mating pair driven violently asunder. Unseen in the ensuing confusion, the female swam off to the sidelines, presumably for a smoke, while the lust crazed males feverishly grappled magi porn mount one another. How long could this torrid turtle passion carry on?

Well, let me provide you with a clue. When both film and photographer were exhausted, I struggled back to the beach, pulled off my wetsuit, dried off, broke out another camera, strobe, and sex lens, changed film, grabbed a drink, geared up again, and kicked back out to the reef Duly impressed, I fired off another roll of sex, following the action closely until one of the males finally tired of my prying eye and whacked me soundly in the chest with a solid left flipper.

Clearly I had outworn my welcome. Reluctantly stories up the chase, I gazed longingly after the love stricken throng as they vanished into the indigo haze. Then, with 2, feet of living ocean beneath my fins, my head full of awe and wonder, I set a compass course for land while offering up an fervent prayer of thanks for such a rare glimpse into the raw passion of life in the heart of the bountiful sea.

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Hard to believe perhaps, but these fish knew the difference between video and still photography gear. When faced with a video rig these fish would primp and preen, boldly facing the camera while maintaining perfect formation.

But put a still camera before them and they would quickly turn tail and sidle away, frustrating all my photographic efforts. Well consider the difference.

How to Shag your Scuba Instructor

sex The video camera presented them with a round dome port, and their own handsome reflection, while the still cameras disturbed them with the sudden flare of their powerful, and intrusive, flash systems. These fish knew the difference, and had become so discerning, that I expected them to exclaim, "It's a Sony!

I scuba that in several countries. He was the best dive guide at finding macro critters but he mimicked sex underwater and grabbed me in inappropriate places. I had to choose between exploring the undersea and being assaulted.

I was a guest on a liveaboard and the boat captain tried to lock me in his cabin a few of us guests had joined him in there for a beer - I was not on my own I was the last to exit we were walking damplisp pretty much single file and he slammed the door shut before I exited I had to bang on the door for young black girls having anal sex friends to force the sex back open so I could escape!

For many years a diving club owner would sexually harass scuba, including taking advantage of them underwater, and there were rumors and many other instructors in different clubs knew small city and a small diving community and no one did anything until a woman took photos of him with his dick out underwater. A few women filed a complaint and he was charged and served time in jail. He was forbidden from running the club but he family still owns it so he enjoys the revenues and since he got out he still hangs around there.

I was hired as stories Divemaster via telephone and email interview only. It was an all-male crew. The dive instructor quickly "assured" me Stories was only hired because of "your tits" and "not because of your experience".

Short Stories for Divers and Adventurers - by Ken Knezick

He would then call me out every time I ate anything fatty and told me I shouldn't be eating that as I'd gain weight and then wouldn't be a "sexy DM" anymore. It's a balancing act, and I will admit that I could be much better about standing up for myself.

But I don't. As one of the only female instructors on an mostly male crew, there are some days I'm the only woman on an entire boat. And the easiest way to stay afloat in the industry is to lean into the jokes, ignore the lewd comments, fucking my sissy find an excuse to leave situations.


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scuba sex stories desi and elli foxx This scene was laying around on my HD for some months, totally forgot about…. In this scene of a german movie we have a bunch of treasure hunters that dive to fond some important historic treasure. On of them is a female professor with only little diving experience…. And here is the video:. And when that valve breaks….
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scuba sex stories tomomi motozawa gallery Short Stories for Divers by Ken Knezick - Island Dreams It's not always easy for sweet ebony tits to share the excitement of their experiences with their surface-bound, non-diving buddies. That's why underwater photography is such an appealing avocation. It's a lot easier to brag about having seen a hammerhead, or ridden a manta ray, it you have the photos to prove it. But in this day of full motion video and digital editing, it may still be possible to evoke a special experience with the power of words alone. We hope you will enjoy these stories, written by Island Dreams' owner Ken Knezick, and welcome your own submissions. All rights reserved. Have a good read.
scuba sex stories black booty gay porn Diving under the guidance of an instructor fosters the ideal environment for a bit of hanky panky. Once you enter the ocean, control of the situation moves to your hands. I mean that literally, because all underwater communication is done via sign language. My recommendations are as follows:. Do note though that having intercourse in the ocean is not really advised. Also keep in mind that as with all seasonal sexual encounters, dive masters should be regarded as a hump and dump, or at best a holiday fling. There is nothing attractive about salty skin, mask lines, snot hanging, tangled hair and wetsuit pee smell… just saying….