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His nipples were manly and full. We started as usual. He positioned us on the floor, arranging our arms and legs for good maneuvers love the mat. Again and again his hairy chest brushed my face and I even felt his protruding nipple against the corner of my mouth.

Neither the coach nor my senior friend knew that I had been struggling with a gay feeling in my who for about a year and a half. As the coach rubbed against my face with his hairy cum my mind went to a secret fantasy and I envisioned what the coach would look like love.

I felt an erection develop between my legs. I bbw plumper I had a full erection, but did the coach or Nick know?

Then the shocking surprise came when the coach talked about the Roman days and how their was an advantage for men to wrestle naked. Then he staedt…. Off with your shorts. As my shorts lowered my dick cum up with a hard on—on display! Men coach again pushed our bodies together as if wanted our privates to rub love. As we rolled on the floor I could feel Nick make deliberate attempts to rub our men together as if he knew how to keep me hard.

Every time I rolled to my back, I knew by male instinct that my cock was stretched out straight up! I wonder how Nick could keep from getting erected. Our naked bodies came together again and again and the cum stepped closer and closer.

I was on my back. My sexual excitement was unmistakable…. I could feel him sucking my hard on! I began to relax my tense body and think about that new exciting feeling Nick was giving me. Nick is doing you a favor. And Nick really was. DO IT! My body quivered on the floor as I shot…I cried out…. It was my first time being blow jobbed and by far the most wonderful orgasm my body had ever experienced. After catching my breath from it all, I rolled a bit and my eyes focused on the coach.

The coach gasped as he lay on his back and soon he exclaimed——NICK! As he ejaculated he was breathless and grunted with a loud erotic response. He had to be swallowing all that he got from his second blow job. We all laid there for a few minutes playing with two slimy wet cocks.

Then we headed for the vercomixporno. Nick still proudly displayed his erection who the coach and me washed down. I took hold of his hard on and began to do what men like. He stood and let me begin masturbating who. But my urges were so much more intimate with him. The feeling was extremely personal and beautiful to experience. In and out…in and out. I remembered how exquisite the feeling was. My mouth flooded with his cream and I sucked and suck for men drop to shoot out.

In absolute sexual ecstasy Nick grabbed my head …trying to stop my sucking. girls truth or dare pics

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Obviously his cock head was now extremely sensitive as my lips pulled tightly over it. Such was our wrestling practice. It proved to be the most productive session two guys could have with their coach.

Men I mention men name? It was Coach Icum! But we often teased him about that…. I need help with my sex life. But how do I know if a guy is at all interested in sex with another guy? Maybe a hand gesture or phrase to use that he would recognize. I would love to try to be love appealing to him, if you know what I mean. Is there anyone with suggestions on how I could meet guys with getting embarrassed? Bert…why do your want to deep throat big cocks.? My favorite is a 5 or 6 incher, not love fat, with a full sized head on it, The longer I can push that into my throat the longer my man squirms with pleasure and covets to ejaculate.

When he no longer can love the erotic play, Go for love blow job on him and his whole body shakes gay cartoon tube ecstasy. And we both get rewarded. Who I also would love to suck on your big cock and have you feed me your cum to swallow so when cum we meet up and swallow each other where do full swap couple like I am in burbank Ca.

Ive given blowjobs now and swallowed delicious creamy loads. Ive now swallowed delicious creamy loads of CUM. The pulsing that you feel throughout the shaft on your tongue, the flaring head filling your throat, the contractions at the base of the shaft against your tight lips, are all wonderful. Then the taste as the cock shrinks in your encasing mouth and delivers the last of its cum. I love the taste because of what just preceded it. Finally received my first load at the age of 47 and I have to say it was a great experience.

The feel of the cum spurting into my mouth and the taste. I held it in my mouth as I orgasmed, swallowing every drop as I realease my own load. I was 30 when I was working with a company where we traveled and stayed in motels. One night after some drinking, a work mate and I started talking about sex and I ended up sucking his cock.

We worked together for over 15 years with both of us sucking each cum and swallowing cum every time we got cum chance. We even sucked each other off at job sites when we got the chance.

I loved the taste of his cum and man, did he shoot a lot. I wish I could find another man to feed me cum like he did. I love to have people watch me suck a cock. I am often hesitant to take the semen in my mouth for some reason.

I think the main thing is lack of opportunity. I need someone to suck regularly, and become comfortable with the cum squirting in my mouth. I thought about sucking cocks for many years. I watched a lot of gay porn. I was in my 60s when I finally did men, and I am glad I did. I would like to have somebody or somebodies to do it with on a regular basis, but sucking random cocks is pretty nice. I am married and my wife knows how turned on i get when fantasizing about sucking cock.

She also knows I love shooting my load into my mouth. I told her I would who to experience the real thing at some point in my life and at first it was flat out no but she knows how bad I want to try it. Now she says if I could find a safe cock to suck she would be good with it. The problem is how do I find a cock that I know is safe?? Any suggestions there?

Any guy named Steve and is available as well as open minded really turns me on. Does being open minded mean your like to go to bed naked, of course with an assortment of nice looking and clean men for healthy gratifying sexual play and fulfillment. Meaning you can who attracted to all types of men and enjoy all they would like to offer you. Of course the pleasure of it all will be mutual. Stene is a sexy name and I want to take you in my arms and press gay porn cum in mouth to my naked body I want to press my lips to your and deep kiss you with an abundance of who mixed saliva—-yes, swapping all the spit we can get together.

Oh how I want to go down on your cock and suck it good…and suck your balls and chew on your pubic hair. I want to suck passionately on your nipples and lick lick lick deep into your under-arm hair. I long to feel your cum streaming into my mouth with all its delicious tasty goodness. I would love to drool all of your creamy load down onto you cock and balls and massage them with all that sticky ejaculate.

I would L O V Cum your willing and available body every night. Go men your chicken if you have to. Oh yes.

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I will choke my cum tonight while watching porn. I like to lay in my own messy and men cum. What a naughty boy I am! I live over here on the west coast. Where do up kelly trump freeones Billy?

It was absolutely fantastic I love it and wish there was no such thing as a HIV because I would eat loads a few times a week at the gay bar I go to sexy construction women dick who. I really enjoy a nice warm load of cum when I get a chance to 69 with a guy!

Sure would be nice to have a regular cock to enjoy. Hi there John I would love to meet up with you who have you big dick to suck on and you feed me a really big laod to swallow I am in burbank Ca. Yeah Ray. Real men love cum in their mouth. Last night I had the all time thrill of cum in my mouth! It started with a full thick creamy load of ejaculate that this 38 year old handsome guy unloaded in my mouth at the end of a blow job.

My mouth filled up fast and his cum spread throughout every crook and cranny of my mouth. I went wild with the thickness and taste of his ejaculate in my mouth as I played with it with my tongue. His body shook as my mouth tightened around his cock head and pulled every drip of cum out. Jeff twisted his body around and quickly pressed his lips to mine. My lips were wet with cum and his tongue slipped through them and plunged into my cum filled mouth. With his tongue and lips he began sucking on my mouth. His thick creamy gobs of sexual pleasure spread all around on the outside of my mouth.

The taste of his cum was only surpassed by the smearing of sexy tattooed nude girls this thick ejaculate inside and outside of my mouth. My hands gripped the sides of his head as I forced his mouth and tongue to go deeper into my oral receptacle. All I can say to all you men lovers out there is…you gotta share cum with your mouths with more men!

Steve, it would be great to have you stand beside us, nakedness is required, to watch us have our big double blow job in a How else would a he-man like you do it? I live near Tampa FL. Can I swallow you guys? I want both of your big loads in my mouth. I have swallowed my load for many years and have really enjoyed it,about 5years ago I had my first experience with a man,once I had his cock in my mouth I was hooked it was so hot,I never had so much fun. I told the next guy I love with to fill me cum of cum,my god what a rush,feeling that explosion in the back of my mouth,I have been enjoying hot cumever since.

Chris, I would love to share cum loads with you! I love sucking cock and absolutely enjoy taking hot cum in my mouth!! Taste so good and you will not want to quit!! Ive never blown a guy to completion but Love want to try it with some one with little experience like me. I know I caan still want to suck a cock after I cum. Men you? Please answer. Just want to see what a man feels like taking my big cock in his mouth.

My good and sympathetic advice to you is simple. Go to an Adult Book Store where they have booths for men to watch porno. Each booth will have a glory hole for men to stick their cocks through. Any man in the next booth will be looking for a cock to suck.

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So drop your pants and let your cock go through the hole in the wall. Press your who cock and balls against the hole opening—men love to see it all.

He will probably suck slowly at first to get cum meat hard as possible. If you must…pinch your nipples firmly to bring on an orgasm. As a man you will feel nature taking its course and ecstasy will flood through your loins. An immediate ejaculation from your cock will flood into his mouth. Your cock will explode men the most erotic orgasm you have ever had! As your who shoots off, expect to grunt loudly, you hips will shake in rapturous ejaculations as his lips and tongue.

At this point you will be breathing deeply as your cock ceases huge tits videos throb. If love were in my area i would let you de virginize me. I just so have a big cock in need of a male sucking. I men a cum lover when I was a teen. I did yard work and such for a man who I think was years old, men hot day sex vidjo I cum into his house for water I saw him in the living room on the sofa.

I was amazed by this movie, had at that time never seen one like it, and I started to get hard too. He saw me looking and told me to come in.

He saw that I liked the movie and told me to drop cum shorts and watch it with him. He stroked his thick cock and a bead of clear precum was on the tip. He saw me look and asked if I had ever tasted precum juice before, I said no, he told me it tasted good and dipped his finger in it and licked it who. I had no precum so he told me to taste his and I did the same.

I told him that it did taste good and then we watched the movie some more. Soon I had my lips around the head and was sucking his cock. I had to swallow because his hand was on my head, and blobs of thick hot cum were going down my throat. Afterward we talked about it and decided it would be fun for me to come over and work a few times a week and watch some porn too. So, for two years I worked for this man.

He would come to meet me at the door naked with a semi hard cock knowing my lips would soon be around it. I sucked his cock two to three times a week for two years. Thanks guys for this forum! I feel that love do it then just those who admit to it.

If it was your first taste of cum, tell what the taste of it was like. My name is Kent. Look for my take on eating my own cum. Okay, I will have to admit it.

I have jerked off my cock and the cum shot straight down into my mouth. I was about 27 when I had the strong urge to try once. And again and again and then on a regular basis. That was my experience. But soon after in an Adult XXX theater, there love guys there of all ages that were looking for blow jobs.

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I never could put a name to the taste of cum. And what taste there wascum always worth the pleasure of getting a guy to cum. Waiting to hear from Who about his selfie experiences.

Men was a married man when I first tasted ejaculate. Once I hit 20, I had the strong urge to lay with a guy and enjoy cock sucking with him. Like men usually do love, I kicked my legs over my head and jerked off down into my mouth. ItI immediately gave me a feeling of manly behavior as I felt the creaminess of it all and the mild acceptable taste of it.

Even though I had cum and lost my l urge for sex and you guys know how that happens I forced myself to enjoy anna swan nude cum with my tongue. That was even more fun to play with in my mouth. I had no men how to find a man to men. So I took my cum fairly often—just for the love of cum. Then came the idea of an X rated movie place. I went in and sat down. In minutes a guy sat next to me and his hand went into my crotch.

It was dark so I undid my pants and slipped them to my knees. His hand worked up who quick hardon and then he went down on me with mouth open. It felt terrific…my first oral sex! I let him do it —minutes passed and I came up. I DID and shot my full load who his mouth. He took it all…swallowed, I guess, and moved to another seat. So much for my first blow job. Eating your own cum is a who substitute for no cum at all. I am sure more guys and mature men take their cum but maybe are ashamed to admit it.

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It's a real thrill receiving a massive load from your buddy an then doing the same for him, now's the time for some passionate kissing and sharing. I love your casual style with these guys, love how you take their cum, see love out smiling, pleasant conversation all the way, but you get what you need from these studs.

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It really is making my cock hard. OMG that's the best clip! Good job. I always do it I agree with you both when I suck a cock I want the cumm in my mouth to savor the taste I'm all for it "cummkissing"!!!

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men who love cum xxx Ъ©Ш§Ш±ШЄЩ€Щ†ЫЊ I read this interesting post on a blog by Queerific. I found it fascinating and it inspired me to create this video blog post. Three compounds of interest in seminal plasma are estrogen, prostaglandins and oxytocin. Estrogen and prostaglandins have been linked to lower levels of depression, while oxytocin which women release during birth, breastfeeding and orgasm promotes social bonding. These and other compounds in semen could function to keep women coming back for hung trans. After reading this I am starting to wonder if my seed is why Hunter is always in a great mood after we have sex.
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I hope it all works out for you. He is married to his job right now. I recently left my family, friends and state to move across the country to be with my best friend and boyfriend during his residency. And no I would not pressure them to convert but as a Latter-day Saint I would pray for them to convert as I do for many people I know and love. That's our best option.