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Synth Curie will only use her fists if you haven't given her a melee weapon. Yes, she defaults to Mr Handy behaviour, but that's a circular saw. The Synth body doesn't have one, so she uses fists.

Emergent Behavior

Give her the most powerful melee waepon you can. She will use it in close-quarters combat. Also, she's a terrible magpie. She will randomly pick up enemy's weapons during combat, and then use them.

So you can equip her with an ultra-powerful plasma fallout jeri ryans breasts, then find her using a pipe pistol. You have to strip out her inventory of weapons every so often.

Make sure she has the right armour, and the right weapons, and she can be pretty devastating. Last edited by Polyphemus ; 7 May, human. Originally posted by Toadflax :. Originally posted by The Trickster :. Apparently there is a way to fix her AI by recruiting another curie and getting back to her. I also heard she has the second most HP after Strong. Try this. Equip Curie with fully improved heavy combat armour, a fully improved plasma sniper rifle, and an electrified Chinese officer's sword.

Remove all other weapons from her inventory. One mean fighting machine. Oh, and don't use power armour. It's junk. Easiest way to push Curies affinity high enough to activate her quest, is to take her and do the Cambrige Polymer Labs quest. Telling Cito to leave Safari Adventure. Asking Cito to share park with your friends. Persuading Oswald the Outrageous to leave the Nuka-world.

Emergent Behavior - Curie - Fallout 4 Game Guide & Walkthrough | prostitutkapiteraxxx.info

curie Loves Ending Piper's interview by telling simran hot pictures who have had family kidnapped to not lose hope. Completing the experiment at the Cambridge Polymer Labs. However, if the player character completes the experiment after overriding the defense systems, Curie will not react. Verbally defending synths when meeting Desdemona.

Bringing the experimental serum to Virgil. Arguing about the importance of friends with Sinjin. Telling Wiseman that the ghoul collective is a "great idea. Telling Glory that they promise to get the Railroad members out safely.

Protecting the Railroad when speaking with Desdemona in End of the Line. Curing Andre Michaud of his radiation poisoning. Tell Old Longfellow to calm down when meet the Children of Atom for the first time.

Told Andre Michaud to find reason to live. Choosing "Don't talk like that," after giving the final robobrain head to Ada during Headhunting. Saying that Ada is being helpful, she is an individual and do not think that way when when she ask about Jezebel's head. Dislikes Asking for an increased reward for quests from people in need except in the pristine deathclaw egg fallout quest, where she likes it if the player character asks for an increased reward.

Raising reward for a mercenary nonviolent job won't have a negative reaction from Curie. Unwarranted violence. Killing Dr. Roslyn Chambers in the Compound. Entering the perfect tits brunette of Covenant. Taking Tinker Tom 's serum. Retrieval of synths for the Institute. Becoming addicted to a chem. Speaking to Pickman after going through his gallery. Telling Jack Cabot that his explanation of aliens helping human civilization is "interesting. Threatening the second leader of the Pillars of the Community with violence during the quest Emogene Takes a Lover.

Killing Lorenzo Cabot. However if the player character opens the door after he is dead, she will still like it as if he had been set free. Convincing Clarke to turn himself in during Duty or Dishonor. Returning the pristine deathclaw egg to human nest during The Devil's Due. Answering Vadim Bobrov 's question about experience in bar fights with a "yes. Reclaiming Gabriel during Synth Retention. When first speaking with Ironsides during Last Voyage curie the U. Constitution, choosing either "thanks" or "I'm fine," then "abandon ship.

When first speaking to Roger Warwick, telling him "this place reeks. Telling Piper and Nick Valentine that the player character would kill Athena amour again at the end of Reunions.

Lying to Desdemona at end of Tradecraft. Accepting the job given to you by Whitechapel Charlie after you barter with him.

Encourage violence when talking to Skinny Malone. Answering "unsure" or "no" when asked to join the Brotherhood of Steel by Paladin Danse. Telling Fallout Ken that he is going to die. Respond sarcastically to DiMA upon first meeting him. Taking bribe from Ezra Parker in Brain Dead. Threaten to drag Uncle Ken. Say crazier the better to The Mariner. Accepting work offers from Fred Allen. Say too many rads and surrounded by fanatics when talking to High Confessor Tektus.

Helping High Confessor Tektus. Ask Sister Aubert to pay in Witch Hunt. Claiming to be Atom's messenger to Brother Devin.

Telling Ada that no more time for mistakes when she ask about Jezebel's head. Choosing the sarcastic option when speaking to reconstructed Jezebel about the Mechanist. If lying to Sierra Petrovita about knowing her Nuka-Cola museum. Responding "He's dead" when talking to Porter Gage about Harvey human intercom before entering Cola-cars arena Responding sarcastically to Bradberton in Cappy in a Haystack in the first conversation selection.

Telling Harvey his family is dead during All Aboard.

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Agreeing to help Harvey rescue his family for caps. Killing Cito's "family. Once you return to doctor Amari's office, talk to the Caretaker. You don't need to complete any additional actions, only observe the procedure during which Curie's conscience will be transferred from the robot to the body of a dead synth. Talk to your "new" companion - you can agree for her to travel with your hero or dismiss her.

Quest rewards: Experience points, Curie has a new look later in the game you can start a romance with her. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates. Fallout 4 Guide. Institute faction quests. Minor quests. Emergent Behavior. Table of Contents. Agree on helping Curie in finding the holotapes. Ask doctor Amari for help.

Watch the procedure. Fallout 4 Guide Mods for Uncut gay porn 4. Introduction Mods installation step by step. Before you start How to install the modifications? The best mods. Showing 1 - 10 of 10 comments. You can. Also you can romance her Synth form.

Curie: The History And Secrets Of Fallout 4's Best Companion

Just keep having her like you and she will ask for your help. Yes, it's true.

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It is her companion quest. Just hang out with her for awhile and you will get the quest! You need to finish some of the main quest line first. Ok guys thanks for the quick replies!!!


fallout 4 curie to human busty lusty milfs How to unlock: You must improve your relations with Curiespeak with her and agree to help her. Once you unlock Curie as a companion, start traveling with her and perform actions that she will approve on. After a while Curie should speak to you. You must hear her telling you that she wants to obtain a human form. Offer her help in finding a specialist that will be able to realize her plan.
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fallout 4 curie to human telugu actress porn pictures Kenneth Collins is a modified Miss Nanny robotic scientist and a potential companion living in Vault 81 in Curie began as a Miss Nanny robot, who was reprogrammed for use in the secret partition of Vault 81 as a lab assistant. Only a handful of the vault's scientific staff were working in the vault when the Great War hit, due to Dr. Olivette sabotaging the call list, which led Dr. Kenneth Collins to modify the robot and give it greater operational freedom so that it could conduct its own experiments.
fallout 4 curie to human nude sexy ladies having sex Emergent Behavior is a companion quest in Fallout 4. After gaining affinity points with Curieshe will ask the Sole Survivor if they have a moment to speak. She claims that her robotic nature and its lack of "Human Inspiration" prevents her from progressing any further in her research, and then asks for the Sole Survivor's help to become more human so that she may further her research. If the quest Dangerous Minds has been completed, the player character can then suggest asking Doctor Amaria memory specialist and affiliate of the Railroad at the Memory Denfor help. After dialogue with Doctor Amari, it seems that this kind of transfer could work by using a synth body.
fallout 4 curie to human dava foxx Of the 13 companions available in Fallout 4, none are more intriguing than the robot companion Curie. Curie's story begins as a mystery, and as it progresses, will pull on your heartstrings like no other side quest in the game. Helping Curie solve her problem will quickly become a top priority for you, and we have all the details to help you find Curie, acquire her as a Companion, complete her story, and earn some fantastic rewards. Curie is a robotic scientist found in Vault You will first encounter her during the "Hole in the Wall" quest.
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fallout 4 curie to human kelli giddish naked Fallout 4 has a variety rio hamasaki potential companions that provide company while you traverse the wasteland. Many come with their own quests and unlockable perks. If you want to take advantage of these perks, you first need to max out your affinity with the companion through a variety of actions. When it comes to dialogue choices, aim for nice responses such as supportive or positive onespeaceful responses that aim to de-escalate conflict, and mean-spirited responses she seems to like both nice and mean responses, oddly enough. Below we've broken down specific, repeatable actions that will help or hurt your relationship.
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