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Josh is still under the weather but atleast he is not collapsing unconcious in public places like yesterday. So hes doing better on that front.

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On to more pressing topics SG: " this is a quick psa for anybody who plans on seeing xmenthedarkphoenix this hung ts. Please check this youtube series out first before before throwing your money into fox's dumpsterfire of a movie. Hello everyone, this is Ben Bananahe does not like to be called BANANA, read the picture well on the t-shirt, try it and you'll see what's going to happen Duneclub Elavate comicbookgirl19 Dune.

Still got some work to do for a punk Rorschach jacket.

Comic Book Girl 19

Anyone else excited for the new hbo watchmen series? Awesome work in this!

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Tag me for a possible feature! Be Sure to Like and Comment! Just uploaded the first set to my new patreon Myrmidon tier, featuring the luminous danikaxix as Alia of Dune! We bought a bath tub, created composite backgrounds and drenched my studio in the sacred waters of the Worm! The tub plug was a bit impertinent This is comicbookgirl19 longer feature than usual, and both Danika eliza taylor sexy myself nude have a few exclusive images that we get to hoard.

I love how these turned out, and spent a serious amount of time working on the entire set, especially calendar all those pairs of eyes blue for the full effect For this week's WCW I figured might use this opportunity to try something a little different So please bear with me!

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These are my top favorite female Game of Thrones YouTube accounts! Tell 'em stormborn. Either male or female, it doesn't matter. Can you be ecstatic AT something? In keen collaboration with danikaxix jawcooper and planetpinto and with dutiful beeg young to make mage pompberry. Assisted by the mighty taslimur tarot comicbookgirl19 vividvivka candyken anafoxxx. Hashtag Popularity.

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I love you Mr Bubz. Next Page. Patreon is now the primary source of funding for the Comic Book Girl 19 show and pivotal to not only our continued existence but the existence of many other small creators.

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Your support will enable us to continue to produce the high-quality YouTube content you know and love by hiring staff, buying equipment, keeping our studio maintained, and powering robots.

Whatever your donation level, we thank you for your support in helping us grow our content and keeping the Comic Book Girl 19 Show going strong and independent. Since I've already done Rachael, it's only fitting to finish the trifecta. For the Pris shoot I plan to live my dreams and go out into the wilds of Chinatown to sneak some naughty shots under the cover of darkness lit with neon signs.

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Gonna have to practice some back bends for this hotness. For the Zhora gallery I plan to shoot the un-filmed snake dance scene that will absolutely involve me having to rent a live snake and hire a makeup artist to glue sequins all over my naked body.

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comicbookgirl19 nude calendar best fisting movies I love her and her work and have for years, please like and support her work. Paul M. All rights reserved. I love her work and have for years, please like and support her work. Artwork by Paul M. She is the law in town!
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