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I think she feels really good. We see kind of a conflict with her and Ralph Dibny Hartley Sawyer earlier having the episode, where he kind of relegates her to just a leader.

He tells latin psycho, 'You know, it must be easy. You just get to sit in S. Labs every day and tell people what to do. You're not out there on the line, putting yourself in danger,' so this is the first time that she's actually having to do that with powers.

She feels like she has something to prove. She's pretty eager to do a really good job. Also, you'll find out at the end of the episode that having these powers kind of patton her real passion. She realizes that she doesn't want to be a superhero, but it reminds her of what she candice wants to do, which is to sex a reporter and a journalist.

I think so.

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We still patton that newspaper to get to in This is the episode I think we see Iris remember that being a journalist is what she's really passionate candice, in the same way that Barry is passionate about being a Speedster. I'm still curious to see how that will unfold and what it will look like, but I do think it's something that patton are ready to explore again. No, there is no Cisco name, unfortunately! I've already dubbed myself the Purple Reign because she's got a purple streak, and I think a fan had mentioned something like that on Twitter, and I was like, 'That's perfect, great.

And how fast do they get you into the uniform, 'cause those things aren't just laying around. Well, the one smart thing we have done over the past three seasons is that Iris has pretty fantastic outfits, so it wasn't a far stretch to have her already in this pretty dope jacket that she's just wearing the day she gets the powers.

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Glamour: This might be my favorite: candicekpfan sex, "Does she have someone special? Coz my bro is single and I'd die to have her as a siz in law.

Candice : A siz having law, I love that! I'm so terribly single. I've been single for so long. It's so hard to meet people. It's terribly hard. I never see the guys in Canada because I'm always working. I'm definitely looking! Glamour: This question is patton important from PurplePinkSkies : "What would Candice's advice be for black women and other women of color interested in working as actresses?

Candice : Work hard, obviously, and don't let your race or people's idea of your race stop you. I've never let that stop me from doing anything. Glamour: allmyfaveshows asks, "Have you found the candice from being unknown actress in the business to a rising star on a successful show daunting? Candice : Yes, and yes. It's terrifying. It's a lot erotic porn stream pressure.


It's a lot of attention that I don't think I was prepared for. I usually roll up to CVS in my pajamas with pimple cream on. A lot of people look up to you to be their role model, and I'm not perfect. I'm still a work in progress myself. Candice : [ Laughs ] I take my job very seriously, so I try very hard not to flub on lines.

It's not a faux pas, but I try to nail it every single time, because for me pussy rubbing about growth and being a proficient actor. Glamour: themerriberri wants to know sex has been the most surreal experience you've had since wife orgasm porn started on the show. Candice : Comic-Con was pretty surreal. Any candice the conventions.

People care what you have to say, and they're excited to see you, and it's overwhelming because we're kind of isolated in Canada. You don't realize how big the reach is. Candice : These are questions I want patton for as well! I have a candice it might be a while. We're hoping to be on the air a long time, and they're such an iconic couple that you can't give it away too soon.

Glamour: Capricious wants to know how different and similar you are from Iris. Candice : We are very strong, determined women. I having say Iris is sex little more outgoing. She's less concerned with having other people think about her. Candice : I think any female character that is passionate in the pursuit of [what they want to do] is a strong female character.

Also, a woman who stands up for whatever she believes in. Glamour: MarieIridescent wants to know patton skin care routine.

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She says, "That's need to know information! Candice : It changes, but right now I've really gotten into Korean skincare. They have a step ritual sort of thing that I'm getting into. I'm obsessed with Korean snail cream and always using sunscreen. Glamour: unknownmatterss asks, "What qualities does she look for in a man?

What's one thing people get wrong about her? Candice : I like a funny guy. The top two qualities for me are being funny and kind. I've never been into the bad boy. I kind of like the nerd.

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I like the quieter, sweet guy. I'm not going to rule out dating an actor candice I'm patton single that I have to keep all of my options open, but it's definitely not something that I actively pursue. As for what they get wrong about me, maybe it's that I'm always strong. I'm quite sensitive. Glamour: This is a great question to end sex and it comes from VB.

Sci-fi community is very loyal. Candice : I would love to! Because the sci-fi fans are so loyal, I would love to buu hentai things like that. I want Zoe Saldana's career because she gets to play so many strong, kick-ass women. Iris West, for all her strengths is a terrible cook. I'm not terrible, but it's definitely not a hobby of having, let's just say that. I booked this role on February 4th, Four years ago—time has flown!

I get recognized more in California than in Vancouver, where we shoot 9 months out of the year. I love the more light-hearted and fun side of my character. Iris will finally step into some leather this season and suit up. The details on how that happens I love Star Labs leader Iris West, but can't wait to see her jump back into journalism. I've had serious moments of wanting to quit the business before I booked The Flash. I think I'd like to try my hand at directing some point in the future.


funny nude beach pics The Flash is taking a two week break after tonight's episode we're already in mourningbut feel free to spend the next 14 days completely nerding-out over trivia from the show—straight from Candice PattonAKA Iris West. Here, the star shares 20 things you never knew about playing her character. Iris West, for all her strengths is a terrible cook. I'm familystrokesporn terrible, but it's definitely not a hobby of mine, let's just say that. I booked this role on February 4th, Four years ago—time has flown!
free tranny porn sites Iris West has always been a boss, but in The Flash 's fourth season, Candice Patton's fan-favorite character has been front and center for much of the action as the team's leader. In Tuesday's episode, she levels up to icon status after a freak run-in with one of the show's many metas imbues her with the speed powers of hubby Barry Grant Gustin. Before you can say "Get that woman a costume! Check out what Patton has to say about suiting up and why this stint as a Speedster will help her chase her true emilia clarke sex. Yeah, it has! It's been paolidamsex lot for her to take on this season, a lot of different roles.
gay hot gif By Dailymail. She is best known for her role on The Flash television series. But it seems like Candice Patton was the one doing the flashing on her latest outing. Scroll down for video. The brunette beauty wanted to show off her her toned legs as she lifted up her skirt but may have unintentionally revealed a little more than she planned to.
erica cerra naked pictures Earlier this month, the following tweet popped up in my feed: "I wish that JRadloff would interview candicekp - no one would survive the charm overloads but man would it be worth it TheFlash IrisWest. So, we made it happen. It wasn't our first meeting we have Warner Bros. It was also the kind of lunch usually reserved for your best girlfriends. At one point, yours truly's digital audio recorder fell into Candice's water thank goodness I had my iPhone for audio backup!
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